Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tree of Life Chiming Harmony Ball Necklace

Incorporating the symbolism of the 'Tree of Life' with a 'Chiming' Harmony Ball offers even more significance of the 'Meaning of the Tree of Life' when the Harmony Ball is worn by someone who is pregnant - soon to give birth to a 'new Life'.

A Harmony Ball is often worn by expectant Mothers during their pregnancy and indeed afterwards - see these articles Harmony Ball Meaning - What is a Harmony Ball? and Benefits of Wearing a Harmony Ball During and AFTER Pregnancy

Of course Harmony Balls, often called a Bola Necklace, are worn also by women who are not pregnant simply because they are beautiful and unusual pieces of jewelry which have been 'hand crafted' by Artisan Silversmiths.
- here is a selection of a much larger range available at and
 Chiming Tree of Life Necklace

 Sterling Silver Chiming Tree of Life Necklace
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