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Tree of Life Meaning - Overview Article

Tree of Life Meaning - Overview

The Tree of Life as a symbol has been adorned in one form or another for thousands of years with the Tree of Life Necklace having endured as the most common form of jewelry worn throughout the ages.

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The Tree of Life has been symbolized in many forms across many cultures and religions for centuries and is probably one of the most universal icons for this reason. It is seen in ancient drawings and texts in many religions including Christian, Jewish and Buddhist. Digs of Ancient sites has found examples of Tree of Life Necklace pendant and other jewelry in bronze and stone.

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Aside from religious meaning the Tree of Life symbol has meaning for many in the way of family bonds and a sense of one with nature, you can read more here about the Tree of Life Meaning. The wearing of a Tree of Life necklace today is more commonly for expressing belief in the strength of family, depicted as the roots being family roots or heritage, the trunk being the strength and support for the branches which are the members of the family.

tree of life images
tree of life images

The Tree of Life in its various forms is often recognized in many cultures as a symbol of immortality and eternal life whilst in others it is seen to represent Family and the strength gained through bonds of family, sometimes referred to as the Family Tree of Life. This representation is growing in modern society, playing a practical role in symbolizing the need for strong family roots in times when families are often separated. This can often be incorporated with the family aspect of the Family Tree.
To some the Tree of Life simply represents Life's Journey, starting from a seed and growing from a seedling to a sapling to a mature tree with the branches representing the different paths taken during a lifetime.

In certain religions it is referred to as the Tree of Knowledge and Good whilst in Evolution, Biology, Genetics and other sciences the term Tree of Life has in depth meaning beyond the spiritual or religious.

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The environmental movement over the past few decades has spawned a greater interest and respect for Mother Earth and the Tree of Life has become the iconic symbol for many of the new respect for the environment. Many people have taken to 'wearing the symbolism' of the Tree of Life through wearing Jewelry such as a Tree of Life Necklace and Clothing and also incorporating the symbol in their home decor - wall posters are very popular these days - wearing Tree of Life Jewellery is more fashionable now than it has ever been.

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The key thing many people seem to search for is the Tree of Life Meaning - what is the true meaning many ask - in searching for information most will invariably attach their own interpretation to the Tree of Life Meaning, something that is pertinent to them as individuals.

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