Make a Tree of Life Pendant - Tutorial

How to Make a Tree of Life Necklace Pendant

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The following video tutorials are presented for those visitors interested in making your own Tree of Life Necklace. The videos cover the types of materials required and the tools needed in a simple and easy to follow way so you can make a pendant at home yourself.

Wearing a Tree of Life necklace has become more fashionable in recent years. They are worn for different reasons, aside from being beautiful pieces of jewelry of course. Many wear a tree of life necklace because they believe that a tree represents life's journey, growing from a seed into a mature tree and then bearing fruit, the seeds from which restart the process. Others refer the wearing of a tree of life necklace to the structure of a family, the tree's roots being the family roots whilst the trunk represents the strength of family bonds and the branches are the members of the family. Some wear the tree of life necklace as a sign of caring for the environment whilst others see the religious significance.
Whatever your reason for wanting to wear a tree of life necklace, we hope that the following tutorials will help you to create your own special piece of jewelry.

Tree-of-Life Pendant Tutorial.

In this excellent video tutorial Camille Sharon shows us how to make a wonderful Tree of Life Necklace Pendant using some very basic materials and tools. Her instructional technique makes it so very easy to follow the steps as she takes her time to show us how to make a wonderful pendant of our own. Notice that she is wearing a beautiful Tree of Life Necklace as she makes this tutorial - so good to see someone wearing their own product

Tree of Life Pendant - A Wire Wrap Tutorial.

This is a great video from Rachel's Jewellery Tutorials on how to make a tree of life necklace pendant. The instructions a very detailed and include written lists of items required which is very helpful. So after watching this tutorial you will certainly know how to make a tree of life pendant for yourself.

Tree of Life Necklace tutorial by Stephanie

This necklace is made simply with only a few materials, and you will definitely get compliments on it. I made a plain green one a few months back, (which you see in the video), and many people were surprised that I made it myself and asked how I had made it. Well, here you are! Now go make your own and look awesome and feel proud!
Stephanie does an excellent job in this tutorial on how to make a tree of life necklace - her method is simplistic yet achieves beautiful results and she details exactly what you will need and importantly how to use the materials and tools - worth watching

Making a Tree of Life Pendant by Caterpillar Arts

If you are serious about making your own Tree of Life necklace pendant then this tutorial covers everything you need to know in easy to understand detail

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